Yunnan Xishuangbanna Dai Minority Village


I was searching through the internet for more information on tourist attractions in Xishuangbanna. I found a post on the Cultural Minority Village but no exact information on how to get there which is why I’m now writing this post to make it easier for you guys. The minority park is located in a small village up in the mountains outside of Jinghong, so you have to go with the local bus from the bigger city of Jinghong. This is your guide and introduction to this beautiful park.

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Living the Chinese Life in Yunnan


I was lucky. My friend and I had been talking about me visiting her in her hometown of Dali. It took us one year to actually make it happen but when it did, I got the whole experience in the four days I spend in the south western corner of China called Yunnan which is also the gateway to South East Asia.

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The Little Village, Baihe, Near Changbai Mountain


Erdao Baihe was once a small village in the middle of the Korean Autonomous Region in the North Eastern part of China close to the border between China and North Korea. During the Chinese development, the local government in Jilin decided to create a tourist town out of Baihe. Why? Because Baihe is the closest town to the beautiful mountain Changbai.

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Ending one thing and starting a new


It’s over now. It’s over! It may sound more aggressive than it is but she left. My sister has gone home again. Her boyfriend misses her and she’s looking forward to seeing him again and start her steady life in Denmark once again. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with her for almost a month and we’ve had such a great time. Of course, there have been moments where we needed time off from each other but all in all it has been a successful trip around North East China.

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Travel Around Changchun, North East China

by owen young-2

I never had any high expectations for the capital city of Jilin province. We only bought train tickets there because my friend had previously posted a stunning picture of a lake, I just had to see. The lake was located far out of the capital city but the train was of course going to the capital city so we had to go. After spending a few days there, I don’t for a single second regret that we went because wow, what a place to explore.

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