2017 was insane!

2017 was an amazing year with so many interesting experiences. Today, I’ll share with you what has been going on.

You can watch my YouTube rewind 2017 here:

2017 started out with a heartbreak which was not fun but it also pushed me into getting more out. I don’t like to stay at home when I have too much on my mind so I started planning my travels and goals for 2017.

Chinese New Year

In January, I went to Hangzhou and then to Zhuji in Zhejiang province to celebrate Chinese New Year with my Chinese friend and her family.

I then went back to Hangzhou to meet with fellow blogger, Jocelyn from SpeakingOfChina.com. After staying with her for a few days, I took the fast train to Suzhou where I met another WWAM girl and a YouTube follower of mine. Lovely people!

Next stop was Wuxi where I travelled to because I wanted to meet an old friend who was a security guard in my compound in Beijing six years ago. When I was new and alone in the city, he was there to cheer me up. It was fun to see him again after so many years.

Lantern festival and best friend visiting

Back in Beijing, I met up with another YouTube follower Evelyne from Canada. She had just started her own YouTube channel Cultureatz. Her focus was food so she talked me into buying some crazy Chinese snacks to try out on camera. Ew! I ate a rotten egg with the shell… Lingling is so dumb sometimes..

After celebrating the Lantern Festival with Evelyne, my best friend arrived in China for the first time. We celebrated my birthday together and went to Chengde to see the summer palace. Wow what a stunning place!

Free trip to Hainan

After she left, I started my semester at university. I had a few weeks of classes until March when my sister came to visit. I’d won a media trip to Hainan and could bring a friend. We went to Lingshui together for a week with new friends.

I was back in Beijing for a few weeks where I met Mr. GhanaBaby (WodeMaya) and did a collab with him. Then I went to Hong Kong to visit an old friend. After staying there for a few days, I took the bus back into China to make a collab video with ADV China aka Winston and Matt. I was deadly nervous but it all turned out fine. Those guys are cool.

After being back again, I went to Qingdao with a friend to meet a few other YouTubers.

Changsha was next stop where I was invited to participate in a media event for Panzhou city in Guizhou. After watching the beautiful show, I was ready to travel down there.

I took a few trips to Tianjin and did another collab video with GhanaBaby and Aileen from oneworld2hearts.

Next stop: America

The next big trip was America and Canada. I flew to Seattle, met Evelyne in Montreal, took the bus to NYC and flew to San Diego to see Alicia from AMaeTV. We made videos together and went to Anaheim for YouTube Vidcon. I then went to LA to see another blogger friend. From then on, I flew to San Francisco and went on an awesome roadtrip with a follower.

I met a few other followers up there in SF and stayed with Lauren (LaurenWithoutFear). What a trip!

Back in China

Back in China, my parents came to visit for two weeks. Then I went back to Denmark for summer vacation in August. When I was back in Beijing, I decided to travel to Qinghai to meet a Swedish follower, her Chinese husband and another YouTuber.

I also travelled to Guizhou to be the foreign face for a farming exhibition. It was pretty random but also fun to try. I love the attention, no matter the event haha!

October was the time when I landed a new teaching job in Shaanxi province. I flew over there, taught 300 students, went to Sichuan to meet Austin (AustinInChina), participated in a Danish/Chinese wedding in Chongqing, saw the pandas and flew back to Shaanxi to teach.

In November, I met friends like Jessica and Laura who together with Katrin agreed to help me make some AMWF advice videos for my YouTube channel. I’m forever thankful for their friendship and big help.

2017’s biggest achievement

I think the biggest achievement for 2017 was when I wrote the last word in my first book which I’m going to publish next year. I’ll keep you updated on this project.

I met so many amazing people in the last twelve months, I travelled to so many interesting place and learned so much. It’s going to be hard to compete with such an eventful year.


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