8 basic travel tips for Hong Kong

Wow, okay, coming to a new country once again can be pretty stressing. When I arrive somewhere new, I’m usually super confused. I have no idea where to go and what to do about anything. I’m sweaty, hungry and tired from the heavy backpack of my shoulders (Yes, this is also a part of travel life but just a small part!). When I’m in this situation, I always wish for somebody to come around and give me some basic tips for this particular place. This is why I’ve collected my knowledge from when I was confused in Hong Kong and made this blog post to tell you what to do. Great idea, right? Okay, let’s get started on some basic tips for traveling in Hong Kong.

  1. Octopus is what? This card is the transport card in Hong Kong. This means that you can use it in the metro, bus and ferry. Furthermore, you can use it in fast food restaurants, convenience stores, super markets and elsewhere as well.
  1. Tourist Metro Map – Google Android app which can show you the metro map, and all the good things to do, see and eat around Hong Kong. The app can also give to travel tips for Hong Kong, tell you which ticket to buy, and how to literally do everything in Hong Kong, how smart is that?
  2. Visa is available in most shops so you don’t have to always worry about not having enough cash on you (something you do if you have been traveling in other Asian countries like China, Taiwan, Laos and Thailand).
  3. Wi-Fi is available and easy to access in most subway stations so buying a SIM-card is not super necessary
  4. If you aren’t from the UK, you probably need an adaptor (if you don’t use the one, they have in UK 😉 )
  5. All buses have everything translated into English, so don’t worry about taking the bus if the subway is not nearby your hotel (which would be pretty weird, because the subway is literally everywhere which just makes traveling in HK even easier).
  6. Lunch meals are cheaper and comes in set menus but if you want to save even more money, HK Seven Eleven shops are everywhere and are selling pretty decent food as well. They even have a microwave to heat up the food, you just bought (I don’t know if it’s common other places around the world but I was pretty excited when I discovered this)
  7. Hong Kong people do speak Cantonese as their first language but English is very common as well, so if you get lost, don’t worry, just ask around. People here are generally super pleased to help a lost traveler.

If you have any good tips for traveling in Hong Kong, comment below to share your experience. Let’s share our travel knowledge!

xx lingling

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