The blogger behind;
happy fenghuang

20-something Danish girl who currently studies her graduate in journalism and media in Beijing while traveling, exploring, learning and smiling through China and the rest of the world. 

China caught my interest the first time when I read a book about a girl coming to China. She turned into a strong independent woman and I knew that was my call as well. Furthermore, the thought about leaving my own little country after graduation and travel to such a different culture to learn and grow also made me want to pack my bag immediately and buy a ticket for China. So my love for China emerged when I first landed in Beijing in 2011. I’ve never regretted this decision and everyday is a new adventure. 

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and please ask if you have any questions 🙂


  1. Dear Lena,

    By me friend recommend, I fortunately have a browse your blog.
    On the contrary, I am a Chinese girl has been in Denmark for 5 years.
    Your blog just inspire me that I should also do something to record my adventure.
    Thank you.

    Wish you all the best

    1. Hi Mingzhuan,

      So nice to hear I could help. I hope you enjoy your time in Denmark 😀 the summer here is so much more comfortable than China haha 🙂
      Good luck with your blog. Give me a shout when you get started, even if it’s in Chinese ;p

      Enjoy your time in DK,
      xx, Lena

  2. 我自己的小国家太无聊了is not a very nice thing to say. Upon seeing such a comment, Danish Embassy may not be willing to renew your passport. LOL!

    we are a 中男西女couple, and here is how we overcome our 文化差异 – 西女 takes on his Chinese last name, and 中男joins her family’s Lutheran Church (upon her family’s insistence).

    Your Chinese is REALLY good, how about your sister Mattie’s? She is always silent in your videos…

    1. Lol the it is very lucky that the Danish government doesn’t have to renew my passport and that I won’t loose my citizenship just because of that comment hahaahaha

      No, Mettie doesn’t speak Chinese 🙂

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