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I’ve finally arrived in Seoul after six hours in a freezing flight across China from Malaysia. It’s getting cooler every day here in Korea and I love the fresh breeze playing with my hair when I’m walking the streets, taking each step in the beat of another loud K-pop song coming out of one of the small fancy clothing stores.


My first stop was in the cutest, most adorable, pink Hello Kitty cafe. OMG! I loved that place from the second I saw the first big Hello Kitty smiling at me from the entrance.

Me and my two friends took photos of every single Hello Kitty outside and inside the café before we started ordering the cutest cakes.

The café is both serving Hello Kitty ice cream, hot chocolate, green tea and the smallest, happy and super colorful cakes. We ordered a bunch of different things and even if it was quite pricy, we still enjoyed every single moment of it.

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What we ordered:

Green tea – 4.500 Won

Hot chocolate – 4.500 Won

Hello Kitty cake – 11.000  Won

Hello Kitty ice cream – 14.000 Won

The address for this princess-wonderland:


Map source:

I’m definitely going back for more Kitty-love another time!

The cafe’s website

xx lingling

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