Blocking all VPN services in China by 2018??!! WHAT!?

Social Media on Fire

I arrived in San Francisco on Monday where I met up with my good friend Lauren. After I’d settled into her cute, little guestroom, we sat down to catch up and talk about China and YouTube. It didn’t take us long to start discussing the news that had been spreading widely around social media the last few days. Western news outlets had stated that the Chinese government was going to shut down all VPN services by next year.

We were both surprised to hear this again because it hadn’t been long since they’d announced that they wanted to ‘clean’ up the internet. When Lauren’s husband came home from work, we all sat down and discussed this issue. None of us thought that the Chinese government would be dumb enough to do something like that.

Discussing on Camera

After talking about it for an hour or so, we were so convinced that this was misleading news which was why we just had to make a discussion video about the it so it wouldn’t scare our followers who were about to go to China.

We shared one part of the discussion on my channel which you can see here:


The second part of our discussion was shared on Lauren’s channel:

Just Misleading News

Luckily, after a few days, we learned that it was misleading news from the Western media. The Chinese government had forced national VPN services to close down but all international services were still allowed to operate inside China.

It was a scary moment when I heard the news first but luckily I use the super strong, well-working Express VPN which goes through every single one of these threats from the government without any problems.

If you want to make sure that you’ll have access to the open internet when going to China, I suggest you to check out Express VPN as well.

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