Diary – Day 1 // In the mix of Malaysia

When arriving in Malaysia, I was met by a mix of people that I’ve never seen before. Well, maybe in London but this place is just as mixed. I smiled at young Muslim girls wearing colourful scarves and black eyeliner, both Asian Muslims and Middle Eastern ones. I saw Chinese people buying their usual high-brand products and foreigners walking around the main shopping mall.

Chinatown was filled up with Sri-Lanka people people working in construction with a Chinese boss yelling at them. Other Malay people were selling cheap copy brands directly shipped from China’s southern province, Guangdong, the factory market of China. Indian people walked around with their red-painted spot between their eyes and there was also an African man in his long white dress. Other religious men were wearing small hats to show what they believed in.

But there were also modern-looking young Asian people with a smell of expensive perfume dancing around them. They were wearing new, fashionable clothing and lots of makeup while sitting with their friends on small trendy cafes drinking all-natural fruit smoothies and smoking.


What surprised me the most was this mix of people. Also, with this mix, comes all the lovely different dishes of the world as well. I’m just used to the Chinese. There are just so many Chinese in China, which means that the food stalls are always selling noodles and dumplings and that’s about it but here you can have everything. Well, because of the big amount of Muslims, many of the stalls don’t offer pork but whatever, we always eat it in Denmark, so I don’t really have the biggest urge to find it here as well.
This was my first impression of Malaysia (I’m in Kuala Lumpur) and I’m now ready to explore more.
xx lingling

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