Directions to the dwarf kingdom (Kunming)

More of my friends asked me where I’d taken those funny pictures of a weird dwarf performance show. I answered several times that it was in a small place outside of Kunming, Yunnan province. I also warned them that it would be difficult to find it. Because of this difficulty, I realized that I could just write a post about how to get there because it was actually not that tricky and then everyone would be able to enjoy this interesting, different and random park.

Dwarf Kingdom

When I was going to Kunming to see this place, I tried to google the dwarf kingdom but nothing came up. Well, I did read two English articles about the place but it didn’t say anything about how to get there. I even tried Chinese web search and there I figured that people had discussed how to get there before but there wasn’t really a clear answer anywhere.

First, if you want to make sure that you’ll get there by following my instructions then book a room at the Hump hostel through hostelworld. I stayed in this hostel and it’s a nice place. My directions start from there, both because I was staying there, but also because it’s in the city center.

The Hump hostel is located on a very long road called Jinbilu (金碧路), which is why it’s important to remember the cross road called Shulinlu (书林路) to be able to find the bus stop. There are two entrances into the hostel but if you get out of the back one, you’ll see Shulinlu, turn left and you’ll pass a bakery and the new Japanese cheap-things store with loud music. If you keep walking, you’ll reach the crossing of Shulinlu and Jinbilu. Cross it and you’ll see the bus stop on your right hand.

Take bus number 90 towards Huangtupo (黄土坡). You will have to get off at the ninth stop called Liangjiahe Chechang (梁家河车场) so start counting. When you reach the seventh stop then show somebody the name of the ninth stop. Don’t be afraid of talking to the locals. The Chinese love to help lost foreigners and if they’re getting off before you, they’ll tell somebody else where you’re going. Please ask somebody just to make sure, because it’s really annoying to get off at the wrong stop.

When getting off at Liangjiahe Chechang (梁家河车场), you walk straight forward towards the intersection. There’s construction work right now on your left hand. This is where you’re going. The bus is parked behind the construction work, so cross the lights and follow the mess of construction. You’re on the right way if the construction work is on the right side of you and you’re walking just besides it. If the construction work is gone when you’re getting there then do this:

1. Get off the bus and walk straight forward towards the intersection

2. Walk through the lights, still straight forward

3. When you’ve crossed the road, you turn left and cross the road again

4. Move forward approximately 300 meters and you’ll see the small busses on the side of a smaller street

If you’re lucky, you can see the bus number c26 on the side of the bus. If not, ask the check-up guy who are sitting on the sidewalk on a little chair besides a little table. When asking, show him this:

26c 去 小人国(西华街草莓种植基地站, 蝴蝶园)Dwarf House

Again, these people are extremely nice and will gladly help you.

Furthermore, let the driver of the bus see your destination as well. The bus driver will tell you when to get off. This is a small bus and he won’t forget you. Don’t worry :)))) plus, the bus fare is only 8 kuai!

When getting off in the middle of a roundabout, you’ll see farmers on the opposite side. They have private cars and please don’t be nervous about driving with them. They are nice people just there to earn a bit of cash. Also, the dwarf kingdom is located ten kilometer up in the mountain, so there aren’t that many other options if you don’t feel like hiking.

I myself was approached by a nice-looking man and his lovely wife. They told me the price is 30 kuai to the top of the mountain, no matter how many people. They also know where you’re going but if you’re unsure, show them this: 小人国,世界蝴蝶生态园 (Xiao Ren Guo, Shijie Hudie Shengtai Yuan).

The lady who drove me gave me her number so I could call her when I wanted to go down again because there won’t be other options once you’re up there so remember to ask for her number (你的电话号码 nide dianhua haoma). Hitchhike is another option that I tried out which went well down to the roundabout.

There is no particular bus stop in the roundabout so when you see the bus, just start running and the driver will usually notice and stop the bus. Then you should put 8 kuai down in the little box on your right when stepping into the bus and drive with the bus all the way back to the end stop. When everyone else are going out, you just follow.

When going back to the hostel from there, you follow the road back to where you got off the first time (taking the bus back on the opposite side of the road of course).

If you don’t remember, it’s like this:

You should get off the little bus, walk straight forward towards the intersection and turn right when getting there. Follow that road down and you’ll soon see your bus stop.Dwarf Dancing

Remember, it’s nine stops back again. You’re getting off when you can see the two big Chinese gates that you’ve seen from the terrace of the hostel. The stop is not exactly opposite the stop you got on earlier but don’t worry, when you see the two beautiful gates, you’ll know. If not, the bus stop is called Deshengqiao (得胜桥).

Another easy way to get there is to pay the Hump hostel 200 kuai and their driver will take you. This would be a nice and comfortable way to go if you are with friends. Anyway, I love a bit of a challenge and I got to talk to locals on the way as well.

(If the traffic is nice, the trip will take approx 1,5 hour)

Good luck! and please ask if any questions 😀

PS. Get there early in the morning because the only really interesting thing is to see the dwarf show around 11 AM. If you aren’t an early morning-bird, there’s a show again around 4 PM.)

xx lingling

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  1. It was a very complicated way through all the traffic but these instructions did help alot! Thanks!:D

  2. The hostel I stayed at had little information on the place and non on how to get there! This was a big help and the locals were indeed very helpful.

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