Dress up in Hanbok and walk Gyeongbokgong Palace

The most traditional you can become is when you get dressed up in traditional Hanbok dress and go to a cultural place to take photos. This you can do in Seoul. There is this great little shop called Onedayhanbok where you can rent a dress for four hours or a whole day and then go out and take photos all around town. I loved this way of exploring the Korean traditional culture in a new way because I usually just have a walk around the impressive palaces and temples in Asia but dressing up as well is a new and super fun way of going back in time.


I went to Onedayhanbok and was met by many other girls already looking at the beautiful and very colorful Hanbok dresses. I easily mixed with them and found my ‘love’ for the day, a blue and red dress (didn’t have to fight for the dress because everyone else was like one head shorter and half the size of me). The shop assistant took the dress and put it on me. It literally took two minutes and then I was ready to hit the streets in my new outfit.

When you rent a dress, you need to give the shop assistant your passport and 30.000 Won as a deposit for the dress. After signing a piece of paper, you’re ready to go.


I chose to go to the palace because it was nearby. I took the train two stops, received a few compliments on my way and when I arrived at the palace my inner princess was out immediately. The royal walls were standing tall in front of me and the guards were doing their shift while I took a few selfies (I was only a tiny bit freaked when the guards, who I thought were dolls, started moving).


I strolled around the palace and took photos in every single corner. The palace is big so it’s easy to find places without colorful tourists in the back. I took tons of photos and then I went back to the metro. I could’ve gone to more places but I was already very satisfied with my photos and thought that was it for the day. What a great experience!

If you wear Hanbok to the palace, you will get in for free. There are also other places in Seoul where it’s free if you wear the traditional clothing.

Where to rent the Hanbok?

You can rent a Hanbok costume (Male and female) at Onedayhanbok. Look here for more info: http://www.onedayhanbok.com

You can find the shop in the underground mall at Euljiro 4 (sa) ga on subway line 2/5

How to get to the palace?

Gyeongbokgung Palace Station (Subway Line 3), Exit 5 or Gwanghwamun Station (Subway Line 5), Exit 2 – the second option is better if you’ve just rented your hanbok because it’s closer and no change of trains.

I hope you’ll enjoy the experience as much as I did. Good luck!

xx lingling

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