Dressing up as a Manchu Princess

The minority park in Kunming gives you a glimpse into the traditional lives of 26 minority groups of Yunnan province.

I paid a visit to the minority park in Kunming and when I walked into the Manchu village of the park I was sure to try on the minority costumes they had there. The little Manchu girl was sitting in front of a bunch of colourful dresses and the price was only 20 RMB for a try. Furthermore, the little village was totally empty for tourists (then it’s easier for me to concentrate about the pictures XD). I was ready to go!


After I’d chosen the dress I wanted, the girl took it down from the wall and then she looked at me for a bit and said no. I knew exactly what she meant because my girls couldn’t fit into that tiny non-stretching dress. Even though the dresses looked bigger, I always forget that they do that because the girl in front is so small. Anyway, we found one and the girl tried her best to get the dress around my upper part. I was just happy it didn’t break – it only didn’t break because I tried not to breathe during the whole photo shoot session.


The dress couldn’t be closed around my hip but we tried to take photos anyway and I actually think it worked out fine. The girl who I rented the dress from was so bored that she was more than happy to grab my camera and be my photo guy for an hour or that’s how it felt anyway. She showed me every photo after she’d taken it and I knew exactly how to work my tight dress and showing hip and I’m quite happy with the result.


And the last one ..


xx lingling

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