Ending one thing and starting a new

It’s over now. It’s over! It may sound more aggressive than it is but she left. My sister has gone home again. Her boyfriend misses her and she’s looking forward to seeing him again and start her steady life in Denmark once again. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with her for almost a month and we’ve had such a great time. Of course, there have been moments where we needed time off from each other but all in all it has been a successful trip around North East China.

We send her to the airport yesterday and yes if you’re wondering who we are, well it is me and my sister’s best friend who I talked into coming to China and stay for six months. We are great friends as well so it’s going to be exciting. Usually, China is all about problems and challenges but until now, our China adventure has worked out pretty well. We left our hotel this morning to move into a Chinese dorm down the street. The landlord was nice and the apartment looks quite good as well which is lucky because we didn’t go and check it out beforehand.

We will stay in this apartment with a ton of Chinese girls until our university opens up for foreign students. The dorm at university is still closed so that is why we are hanging here. We don’t really have many plans the next while but that’s okay because you can always find something to do in China and on the other side, I also think it’s a good idea for me to take a break, breathe and try to relax a bit before the next travel.

My next trip is in the end of August when I’m flying to the south of China to visit a friend and attend her friend’s wedding. I’m very excited to see what that’s about. I’ve attended one before but that’s a long time ago so excited to explore that once again.

Anyway, my rambling isn’t interesting for you so I’ll let you move on with your day. Thanks for reading this and remember if you want to see more from my trips, check out my YouTube channel for daily videos from my life in China.xx lingling

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  1. Will other family and friends visit during your time in China? I really enjoyed your travel vlogs!

    1. Yes, my parents will hopefully come next year, my sister’s bf is also talking about them visiting but my sister needs to save money first haha! And my best friend is coming in feb yayh! 😀

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