German girl in rural China

I went to visit a German girl I met online in a village in the Chinese countryside. Read her story here.

A few years ago, I started following this girl called Anna, who was writing a blog about living in rural China with her Chinese husband. I was super curious about this kind of life style and followed her for years until one day, when I saw we were in the same WeChat group. I added her WeChat and we started talking there. We soon became friends.

Anna had a little baby who was named Sophie. I followed Anna and her family’s journey on her WeChat and Weibo until one day, when I decided to make a visit to Bozhou in Anhui province where they’re living.

I’m here now. I met Anna, I met Sophie and her husband as well. They came and picked me up at the train station yesterday. We went to a restaurant to enjoy a big Chinese meal with another friend of theirs.

Today, we all got into the friend’s car and we drove to the countryside to have lunch with Anna’s in-laws. We walked around in the little village like we were celebrities. I had the chance to take lots of pictures of the locals baking bread and selling meat on the street.

Anna’s husband talked me into eating something I didn’t know what was. After putting it in my mouth, he told me it was the pig’s stomach. I slowly sank it and tried to forget about the taste, haha! Traumatized once again by Chinese food.

In the afternoon, we have been making videos for YouTube and talking China experiences.

Anna’s life in rural China is definitely so different from mine in Beijing but that’s what makes it even more interesting to travel around China to meet people in different places. China is huge and there are cultural differences even between the provinces.

Anna told me all about superstitions concerning giving birth and raising a child here. I was mortified. She’s a brave girl and I’m happy I finally got my butt out of Beijing and on the nine-hour train ride to Anhui.

If you want to follow Anna’s family life, especially focusing on Sophie, then follow her Weibo account “Sophie小猴子日记”.

Where to go next? We’ll see 😀

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  1. Thank you for your story.
    Your German friend is so brave.Maybe that’s the magic of love
    Wish they happy life

    And,happy Chinese new year to you,Lena!Wish you happy everyday!

    I have seen a few videos of are so cute,so happy,like sunshine.

    Maybe,we can be friends

    Excuse me for my poor English.o(╯□╰)o

    1. Hey hey, I’m happy you liked the story.
      Happy New Year to you as well.
      Happy you like my videos as well, and of course we can be friends.
      Best, Lena

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