Go on a cultural date in Seoul

Seoul is a great mix between big city buzz and wonderful nature. The Korean capital is located besides some wonderful mountains where the locals and tourists climb to the top for a great view of the town. Seoul also has a pretty blue river floating through the city. Around the river, you can rent a bike and enjoy the fresh air around the river. I’ve got to tell you that both hiking a mountain or biking around the river are perfect date options. Let me tell you my story.

River Seoul

I’d been in Seoul for five days and had been playing around on Tinder for fun. I told my couchsurfing host-turned-into-friend that I was looking for a cultural date so I liked a few Korean dudes. We chatted a bit and I wasn’t really hooked until one guy contacted me through Instagram. He was joking around and I got hooked on talking to him so I asked him if he was up for a hike the next day which he surprisingly said yes to!


The first time we met, we hiked to the top of Boksan mountain for the sunset and a snack. If you want to take somebody there, you just take the subway to .. It went really well that day and we decided to meet up again the next day. This time he asked if I wanted to go on a bike ride at the river side. I thought why not so we met at .. and rented bikes. The bike renting is just outside of the station so it couldn’t be easier.

Sunset in korea

We both got a nice bike and started biking while chatting about everything and nothing really. The weather was perfect (autumn weather is the best) and we laughed all the way. We biked for a while before we crossed the bridge. There is a bike path all the way so don’t worry about traffic. You aren’t in any close contact with cars.


We biked for almost two hours and came back to the renting shop just in time. They close at six o’clock so if you want a good bike ride around the river, go there at least a few hours before. The route we biked was approximately 15 km. Maybe it sounds long but there are no hills and it’s straight forward the whole time and remember that when you’re having fun, you don’t even notice the distance.

We enjoyed dinner afterwards and a walk in the busy streets while drinking one of the popular bubble tea. Those two days were perfect cultural dates and I really enjoyed it. I hope you will too, good luck!

xx lingling

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