Hong Kong’s Hello Kitty restaurant is worth a visit for Kitty Lovers

If the Hello Kitty Café in Seoul, Korea wasn’t enough for you, then get ready for yet another post about the cute little kitty. Hello Kitty has gone all Chinese now when she moved into a cute little restaurant on Canton Road in Hong Kong. The restaurant is just around the corner from Jordan Street Station if you take exit C2. You can also take the metro to Austin Road Station and reach the Hello Kitty Restaurant.

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When eating at this restaurant, it’s a good idea to come early because the restaurant is very popular amongst Asian girls and the Hong Kong couples and families are flocking there around noon. My friend and I went there at 11 a.m. and that was the perfect time to get a table but don’t make it later because then you’ll be stuck outside because of the popularity.

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Inside, the Hello Kitty has quit the pink color and goes with red which is the traditional Chinese color for good luck. The interior design is focusing on a traditional Chinese version of the Japanese megahit which means that the restaurant’s interior is all wooden and the menu is filled up with traditional Chinese food such as Dim Sum, Baozi, Dumplings and of course the cutest Kitty cake.

Kitty Dumplings

The prices are overrated and the food isn’t great, very average actually but the Hello Kitty experience is fun and it’s worth a visit if you’re a fan just like me.

We enjoyed eating:

Hello Kitty Custard Buns – 68 HK Dollars

Hello Kitty Dim Sum – 62 HK Dollars

More details here

Pink Kitty Dumplings


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