Hooking up on Instagram

Of course, I don’t mean hooking up literally but it sounded catchy as a headline. This post idea started to take shape when I’d been on a coffee date with a local girl in Georgetown. She was the sweetest and chattiest thing I’ve met for a while. We sat down and talked for hours about everything while it was just fun and relaxing.

So how did this happen? Actually, it was quite easy. I like Instagram right, so I post a lot of pictures. Because of the hashtags I use, the girl had found me and liked my uploads. I was happy she liked the photos of her country of course. We started chatting online and when I came to her city, we decided to meet up for a cup of coffee.

Second time this happened was the same way. I’d uploaded some photos, hash tagged them and a girl liked them. She started giving me advice on where to go and what to see and she seemed nice. We agreed on meeting up when I came to Kuala Lumpur, and WOW, I don’t regret that! My other friend had also just arrived in the city and I met both him and the girl in front of my hostel. We clicked immediately and both my friend and I jumped into her car, ready for another adventure. We went to a Japanese festival, and afterwards to a chilly café where we enjoyed big pancakes and a crazy soft couch. In the end, we went back to town and found a place where we could smoke the Arabian Shisha, eat kebab and keep chatting into the chilly night on a cozy rooftop. That afternoon and evening went even better than I could’ve imagined. This was how I got to experience the local culture by sharing with locals which I was thrilled about.

So after these two really successful meetings with the nicest two local girls, I just want to encourage everyone traveling to a new place to suggest meeting up with some locals.
But of course, it is also important to take care and make sure the person is reliable, trustworthy and good. To make sure everything will go right, I’ve come up with a few things to have in mind when setting up a local ‘friend-date’;

  1. First and most importantly, when somebody is contacting you online, check out their pictures. I made sure the girls had pictures of themselves in many different situations (I know that can be fake as well, I did watch Catfish! But anyway, I think this is usually a good sign).
  2. Chat with them beforehand so you get to know the other person. If they have bad intentions, it’s often easy to discover when chatting.
  3. If you’re a girl, I would recommend meeting up with girls unless you’re really sure.
  4. Meet in a public place.
  5. Bring your phone and tell a friend where you are.

Good luck guys and please let me know in the comments below how your local friend date! I’m excited to hear about more experiences like this!

xx lingling

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