How to apply for university in China

I’m from a country where applying for university is the absolute easiest thing to do. It takes two minutes to log into the Danish university website, type in personal number and click on three degrees in Denmark, you wish to apply for. We only have three choices and a month before starting university, we will receive an email informing us where we are going to study. Before going abroad, I didn’t know about personal statements and recommendations. Now, I know and I learned it the hard way. I learned it when I screwed it up in China. Applying in China is not as easy as Denmark but not horribly problematic either. It can happen and with a little advice from here, I hope it’ll go smooth and easy for you.

 My first advice is to be patient. The Chinese system is just working very slowly so be patient when waiting for answer, especially emails.

My second advice is for you to only ask one question in each email you’re sending because if you ask more, you’ll probably only get the answer to the first question anyway so write only one and make it very clear what you are asking for, this will make you experience much nicher when applying.

I’ve made a short step-by-step for you to follow when you want to apply for university in China;

You go to the website of the university, find your degree and look for a hyperlink where you can apply. This is usually in the description of the degree or it’s in the menu on the university’s website.

1. When accessing the website, be sure to read through the instructions. You will find the description of the documents, you need to prepare before applying. Please prepare those before getting started.

2. Fill out the application form online and upload documents

3. Wait for approval of the first part of the application

4. Print and send by mail with your signature

5. Payment

6. Wait for second approval and acceptance letter

If you think this is too much work, the easier way is to apply through Cucas, a website where you’ll get all the help you need but also have to pay a big amount of money.

SCHOLARSHIPS: The Chinese government is encouraging foreign students to come to China for their studies so you can easily find loads of scholarships for both non-degree, bachelor, masters and doctoral degrees online

Good luck!

xx lingling

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