How to buy the coolest stuff on Taobao

Taobao is the biggest internet market in China. You can buy literally everything there.

I’m a curvy girl and can’t fit the Chinese clothes very well. I am also not a big fan of Chinese fashion so I do quite a bit of looking around on Taobao to see if I can find affordable western clothes.

To pay for your shopping, you need to set up an Alipay account and link it to your Taobao (Alipay is in English, I don’t think Taobao is yet).

Today, I’ll share with you how I’ve found the cool things on Taobao.


If you search this term together with the thing you’re looking for, you’ll see a ton of cool insta famous people, both American and Korean girls posing in the coolest outfits, sunglasses and sitting on the nicest couch.

Search like this: INS裙子 / INS夹克 / INS太阳镜


If you’re looking for American/European fashion in bigger sizes then this term is for you. Search this term together with the item you’re looking for and you’ll be able to find foreign brands clothing. They’re still affordable though. I have a feeling the Taobao shops buy it from the factories who are producing for big international brands such as Zara.

Tip 3: Lots of fakes on Taobao

Remember to look at the reviews. Did other people buy the product? Where they happy about it?

If not many have bought it before, there might be a problem with it – but be aware that when you buy “ins” and 欧美 products, it often hasn’t been sold much. I’m often the first person to buy it and the products are still fine.

I would say you should look more into reviews when you’re buying food and electronics.

I once bought an external hard drive and when it arrived, it didn’t work. Furthermore, the shop had been deleted and I lost the money so be careful with expensive things such as cameras and computers.

I would advice you to buy electronics at Tmall or Jingdong. They’re more reliable because it’s known brands which are selling there. The brands pay lots of money to sign up so you can make sure that the things are good and if not, you can send it back.

TIP4: If there is something very specific you want to buy such as tortilla, you can look it up in your dictionary first. Then I just copy the new word and search on Taobao. That’s an easy way to find very specific things such as foreign foods.

Tip 5: Fakes are hidden under other names. Yeezys seem to be super popular atm. I just search the original first and then the fakes come up in suggested automatically.

Check out the video where I talk more about this topic here 

That was all for this time. I hope you’ll have fun with Taobao. Be careful though, it fast turns into an addiction!

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