Ice-breaker: What are we doing here?

Hi Everyone,

I’m Lena, a 23 year-old Danish mango smoothie-lover searching for the next big adventure to explore, write about and share with you guys while also trying to finish a bachelor degree in communication at a Danish university. Question is how am I able to travel and study at the same time? Well, I was smart enough to choose a degree with a lot of self-study time where I have had the chance to just pack my backpack, pick up my books and jump onto the first train/flight/bus/car-share out of the country. I’ve also been able to do a whole year of studying abroad in China.

This is great because my biggest passion is China. I’m still haunted by the yellow fever even after four years moving back and forth to that crazy dragon country. I’ve been both working, traveling and studying in the country, so now, I’m ready to share some of my personal experiences with you guys. China is not the easiest place to go (I should know that, went there alone the first time when I was 19 without being able to speak a single word of the language or read any characters for that matter), so my website’s main focus is to guide you through China, to show the amazing places around the country and to give suggestions on where to go and how to survive common problems when traveling in a country where English aren’t a common thing to hear and everyone wants to be your friend (not because that seems to be such a negative thing, but sometimes it can cause trouble, I’ll talk about that later).

Furthermore, if China wasn’t enough, I’m actually trying to discover new places as well, so this website will also follow my other journeys so you can enjoy stunning photos and get ready for your own adventure. The world is just too big and there are so many places yet to be discovered by you and me.

Right now, I’m enjoying the rainy, cold summer in Denmark, so while I’m here, I’ll sit down in my old room at my desk, look a bit at the little globe besides me and start write amazing articles about China, travels, life and thoughts.

My mission is to make you fall in love with both China and many other amazing destinations, but I’ll also make sure that you know all of it, both the good, bad and the ugly, because backpacking alone is not always just fun but also a bit of a challenge but again, who cares, isn’t that just the best thing about it? Looking for a new adventure, then start looking here!

xx lingling

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