Let’s hang with the young Koreans in Hongdae

Hongdae is one of the modern university areas in Seoul center. The area is filled up with happy young people walking the streets linking arms with their besties, BFFs or new lover. The average age here cannot exceed 24, according to what I’ve seen. The young people’s smiles and chatting are making the atmosphere light and easy-going.


Hongdae area is filled up with small cute shops where you can buy everything from the newest sunglasses, to super cute covers to your phone or like here in the street stall a funny wallet with Sponge Bob or some of your other cartoon friend. You can easily turn into a childish grown-up when you see all the cute things they have around here. Get ready for a bargain or two.


It’s really hard for cars to drive around this area where big groups of young students are filling up the streets. Somebody brings some big speakers and the famous K-pop is filling the air above them. Boys and girls are happily jumping into the middle of the circle to show off some new dance moves while everyone is cheering loudly.

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When you get hungry, there are also a lot of great restaurants to choose between. This is my happy couch surfer host who has just seen the meat for our barbeque and is thrilled. Let the Koreans show you what to eat in Korean and if you don’t have anyone around you, then just look for the Korean barbeque, fried chicken or spicy noodles.


When eating, you should also order this drink. It’s an alcoholic drink which tastes like juice with a twist. The drink is traditionally Korean and should definitely be on your bucket list for Korea. The drink is both sweet and warm down your throat.


For dessert, there are also a lot of choices. We went to this street stall for a taste of these funny egg tarts. They are freshly made served by nice Korean locals. You can enjoy these while walking around Hongdae area listening to the many songs playing from both shops, street stalls and clubs. The party will go on forever here, no matter if you’re in for a beer, dance all night or just a nice evening with a great dinner.

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