Love is in the air #AMWF

Long time no see, as they say in China. How are you?

I know I’ve been gone for a while but I’m back now. Everything has been too busy, especially YouTube and writing my first book have taken up my time. Add a bunch of part time jobs, friends and travel, then you might understand why I didn’t write much the last few months. Anyways, I’m back now, so let’s get started.

AMWF – What the heck is that?

During the last five months, I’ve started to share more videos focusing on the tag ‘AMWF’ which stands for Asian Male Western Female relationships. There is also a newer tag for the same kind of relationships called WWAM – Western Woman Asian Male. I heard it had been changed because the old tag was SOOO difficult to say. Personally, I would say yes, it’s true. It is quite hard to pronounce, especially if you talk about it a lot and talk faster than a Chinese bullet train (like me, who can relate?? XD).

I like to talk about AMWF relationships because I date Asian guys. I’m located in Beijing so I meet a lot of hotties around – just taking the subway to the stations Guomao (business district) or Tuanjiehu (Expat/rich Chinese district) and you’ll know what I’m talking about – EYE CANDY EVERYWHERE!!

I’ve had quite a few experiences with Chinese guys and I want to share it with other people who are stuck with similar problems. Dating someone from your own culture is already not easy but intercultural relationships are even more tricky.

Dating advice for you!

If you’ve met your own Asian warrior and you’re deadly in love but super confused about something he’s doing, then don’t worry, I’ve got your back. During the last five months, I’ve met a bunch of extremely smart and experienced young ladies, who are all dating or married to Asian guys. They’ve agreed to help me answer your questions about these relationships. Just take a look at this video where my Swiss friend Kat and I are discussing flirting with Chinese guys and the issues that come with it ->

Love is in the air <3

To be honest, dating Mainland Chinese guys is really not easy. I struggle a lot with it and give up at least once a week. Culture is difficult to work with. I never knew about cultural differences before moving abroad. It wasn’t until the first time when I was stuck in a discussion with a Chinese person that I realized what I thought was common sense didn’t make any sense to that person. It was so hard to understand how a person could not understand what I thought was so simple. On the other hand, the Chinese person probably thought the same about me.

Let me give you an example:

I was dating a guy once. He had caught a flu and was about to cancel our weekend trip. I told him it was a good idea because I didn’t want to get sick as well. Then he freaked out and told me I was being mean for not caring for him. I asked what he meant. He told me that the only right thing for me to do was to book the first train to his city to take care of him. I remember so clearly how I thought ‘a flu is such a tiny thing. Also, I personally don’t want to see anyone when I’m sick’. He was angry with me and I was angry with him. Such a small thing turned into such a big problem. When these problems occur, remember to sit down and talk about it. I’m not good at it. Still learning and that’s okay too. It takes time.

Anyways, yes intercultural relationships can be tricky but they can also be extremely beautiful and you’ll learn so much from your significant other. Just look at my new friend Jessica and her Chinese husband’s love story – they really made it work!

Check out Jessica and her Chinese husband’s love story here:

YES, I want that too! haha XD

Anyways, I’ll be waiting for my warrior. In the meantime, send me some questions about AMWF relationships so we can learn more together.

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