Cutting the throat // Muslim Festival II

Okay, so yesterday I wrote a post about my trip to my Malaysian friend’s house. I promised an update and here it is.

I got up early this morning to put on my new Malaysian dress and scarf. My friend help me tie it around my head and I looked like a flower-power rainbow-disaster when I was all dressed up and ready to go. Anyway, I thought go with the flow, right?


We left for the mosque and when we arrived there, people were already sitting around waiting for the sacrifice to happen. The 17 cows were standing around eating grass while being teased by the small Muslim boys wearing their hats and long cotton dresses.


So what was this festival about then?

Well, before I left my hostel last night I googled a bit of information about Eidul Adha which is a Muslim festival celebrated twice a year. The Muslims will sacrifice animals just like when Abrahim/Ibrahim was tested when asked to sacrifice his own son for God and his belief.

The meat from the animals will be divided into three parts. One part for the family, one part for neighbours and one for the poor. In this area most of the meat is donated to orphanages and poor people.


According to the lunar-based Islamic calendar, the festival is celebrated on the tenth of Zul Hijjah and will be going on for four days. During this time, Muslim families will get together to eat and chat with each other.


xx lingling

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