My favorite ’6 things to do in Seoul’

I’ve now been in Seoul for a week and I’ve enjoyed it so much. This place is a must-visit on your Asia trip. The best time to visit is right now (fall – September/October). The weather is cool and comfortable, up to 25 degrees and with a stunning blue sky almost every day. I’ve put away my tissues for sweaty emergencies (much needed in South East Asia) and put on my cardigan ready for touring the capital of Korea.

Before I arrived, I’d made a plan of all the suggestions both from blogs online and my Korean friends had and now after I’ve been around, I’ve chosen my six favourite spots in this buzzing capital. Let’s get down to it, shall we?


  1. My favorite spot was the main palace called Gyeongbok(gung). This place made my inner princess come alive already when I saw the rising walls in the distance (Probably also because I’d rented a traditional Korean dress, Click here to read my article about the Palacekitty3
  2. Another must-visit, especially if you aren’t going to Japan any time soon, is the Hello Kitty café. The little pink café full of princess furniture and cute pictures, cups, cakes and everything else with Hello Kitty. Adorable right?
    Click here to read my article about the Hello Kitty Café
  3. If you want more culture, you can also visit the small traditional village called Hanok Village inside Seoul (Super convenient, just outside the metro entrance). This place took me back in time when I strolled through the old houses to feel the traditional life of Korea Click here to read my article about the Villagenamsan
  4. Namsan will give you the best view of the city. When you reach the top (you can climb or take the bus up there), you can enjoy the sunset at the N Seoul Tower while eating an ice cream or look at the couples buying locks to put around the fence at the tower. Click here to read my article about the Mountainvllage1
  5. You should really consider a trip to the Korean Folk Village. This place is a replica of a whole village from long time ago. The staff are all dressed up and there will be performances all day long. You can also walk around the market place and taste the traditional Korean snacks or buy a flute. Click here to read my article about the Korean Folk Villagehongdae
  6. Are you ready for some party fun? No, not really? Well, Hongdae is the university area where everything is happening. You can go to clubs but you can also enjoy the street dancing, the streets snacks or just the happy atmosphere.Have you been to Korea? Do you have any other favorite places in this fascinating country? Please let me know in the comments below what you think 🙂

xx lingling

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