Picnic in Singapore

So I had two days off from the hostel and I decided to go for a trip to Singapore. I contacted a girl, I’d met on a boat in South China for two minutes last year and she was up for a cup of coffee. Then I went to the bus station and jumped on the midnight-bus to Singapore.

I arrived at immigration and checked into Singapore in no time but then problems started falling down on me. I’d been let out of the bus in the middle of crazy traffic to walk to immigration with everyone else. Super easy, just follow the group but after immigration I was standing in front of two signs which showed me the way to floor 1 and 2, each consisting of 10 buses and tons of people walking really fast with a steady face.

By luck, I chose the right one by walking downstairs to floor 1. After asking every single bus driver who led me in different directions, one of the passengers from last bus ride (I assume) told me, the lost bird, to follow her to the bus. Thank God, I wasn’t ready to get lost in Singapore already before I’d gotten into town.

So by this experience, I’ll give you gives a little bit of knowledge if you’re in Kuala Lumpur and wants to go for a short trip to Singapore (think that’s what people do because I heard there aren’t that much to see in SP and it’s even more polluted than Malaysia these days which is quite bad already, like no clear sky for the last two weeks).

So basically;

  1. From Kuala Lumpur, there are buses to Singapore from many different places. Depending on your location, check out easybook.com to find your nearest bus.
  2. When you arrive at the exit of Malaysia, take an extra look at your bus, remember the license plate and then follow the other passengers.
  3. Go through immigration, get a stamp and move on.
  4. Go to the first floor (ask driver if he’s parking there as well to make sure) and wait for your bus to arrive. Jump on it again.
  5. The next immigration office will be half an hour away (The border between SP and Malaysia). Get out of the bus again, go through another immigration office, let your bag go through security check and jump on your bus again.
  6. One more hour in traffic towards Singapore. When you choose destination in Singapore, chose Beach Road which is near the center. Woodland is the border office.
  7. If you’re nervous about getting lost, ask one of the other passengers for help. People here are super friendly and probably won’t mind taking you with them.

When you get to Singapore, remember to have the precise amount of coins for the bus if you don’t take taxi around (Aren’t we all budget travelers, huh?).

Cheers and enjoy your ‘picnic’!

xx lingling

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