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After coming home again, it can be hard to keep up your Chinese language skills but don’t worry, there are ways to keep it going. Practicing Chinese in a busy everyday life can be tricky when no Chinese people are around you and you don’t have to haggle in Chinese or try to explain to a confused taxi driver where you are going in Chinese.

So I wrote a post about how to practice when being at home again and in this post, I want to further look into one of my earlier suggestions – listening to Chinese podcasts and Chinese radio.

I actually first got the idea to focus on listening to Chinese radio because I read an article on how to improve your Chinese by watching Chinese TV shows. I thought to myself but what if the reader is having a busy life already and can’t seem to find time to watch full TV shows, then what?

Then I thought I would introduce you to Chinese podcasts and Chinese radio because you don’t have to be in China to be able to listen to these two and the good thing is that you can listen to it wherever you go. You can download podcasts on your phone whereas Chinese radio is running on the phone’s 3G and 4G.

So what should I listen to then? And where to find it?

I’ve created my top three favorites of podcasts and radio programs in Chinese and I hope you like it too:

1) Chinesepod ( – the free podcasts)

The first one is Chinesepod. I started to listen to these podcasts long time ago when I’d just started to learn Chinese. The easy and simple way they explained the differences between very similar words helped me a lot. Later on, I changed to intermediate and the podcasts were now small stories with new words which I would practice when I biked to university every morning. Nobody understands Chinese around here anyway so I could easily practice my pronunciation by speaking the news words out loud while Danish people would stare at me with a confused look on their face. Funny days in the Danish countryside.

2) Slow Chinese

The second favorite of mine is for more advanced learners. The website is great because the articles are online so you can read them first and then listen to the podcast afterwards or you can listen to the podcast while following the text. I find this a big help because if they discuss more difficult topics and many of the words are new, I’m lost from the beginning so this is a great way to prepare yourself before listening to the podcast. Then you can always download the podcast, jump onto the bus or bike and listen on the go.

3) The F Word

My second favorite is a new preference of mine. I actually hear the program on the Chinese music app called Wangyiyun (网易云音乐)but I didn’t want to add that app to this article because you can only download on Android or if you are in the Chinese IPhone app store. Anyway, I love this program with two cute girls who are discussing feminism in a global world. The programs are probably mostly for girls but anyway, it’s good practice because these two girls are talking at a really fast speed and are also using many modern words which I think is super important to add to your vocabulary.

Furthermore, if you want more Chinese radio, you can also find it on Tunein where you can listen to different radio stations.

Do you have any suggestions on other great podcasts and radio programs? Please let me know in the comments below!

xx lingling

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