Seoul, Yeoung and love at first sight – Couchsurfing in Seoul

This post is dedicated to my absolute best couchsurfing experience. My host Yeoung made my Korea trip more than awesome. Thank you so much for taking me in and be my bestie for a week while discovering Seoul.
I’ve done couchsurfing for quite a few years now. I started in 2012 when somebody close to me excitingly told me about the advantages and benefits of this arrangement. At that time, I was ready to join the international society. I’d already been traveling abroad twice on my own and the thought of helping other travelers while I was staying in Denmark made me excited.


Since then I’ve had quite a few interesting, funny, cultural and also awkward experiences with both surfers and hosts around the world. I still like the concept but it wasn’t before I went to Seoul one month ago that I realized how much it could actually change my travel experience in one place.


I arrived in Seoul on a Tuesday evening and expected nothing from this couchsurfing experience. The girl seemed nice according to our short conversation on What’s App and now she was waiting for me at the subway station nearby her apartment.

I found her right away and we started talking. I actually don’t think we stopped talking from that moment. It was like bumping into your faraway bestie. We shared some fried chicken, talked all night, laughed at YouTube videos, discussed boys and relationships and when I invited her out with me and my Danish friend, she said yes and we had the funniest evening. I was so happy that I’d met her.


Korean snacks with new friends

During that week in Seoul, I realized how fantastic Couchsurfing can turn out. Now, I have another bestie in Korea and I’m looking forward to see her again. Where we will meet again? Who knows, maybe Korea, maybe Denmark or maybe somewhere else.

If it’s your first time to go traveling and you’re nervous about getting lost in a foreign town or just don’t like the loneliness of a solo traveler, then is a great place to find a local to stay with. Maybe your new bestie is waiting just around the corner?

xx lingling

Have you had any experience with Couchsurfing? How did you feel about it? And do you have any tips you want to share?

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