Simple sightseeing and monkey fun

You know some of those days when the temperature is just heating up your brain and there’s nothing else to do than to cool yourself down and try to go ‘sightseeing light’ without too many interruptions which could, worse case scenario, make you go crazy on some poor crying child or drunk man. We’ve all been there, right?


If you’re in Kuala Lumpur and this is your feeling at the moment, then don’t worry. I’ve found the perfect place to go. It’s like the easiest place to get to. You literally don’t have to move your ass yourself but just let the nice cool air-conditioned train take you there and bum, it’s in front of you. Doesn’t that sound perfect for one of those really hot-heated days, huh?


Most of the hostels are located in Chinatown which is great because then Kuala Lumpur Station is just around the corner. In this station, you can either take the LTR trains (underground) or KMmuter (overground). The train to this perfect place is the one over ground. The place I’m talking about is called Batu Caves, so you just buy a ticket for Batu Caves and take the train towards Batu Caves. So simple!

The train ride will take approximately 25 minutes and while riding you can enjoy the clean and cool atmosphere in the train. When arriving, you get out, exit and then it’s there.


Let me tell you a little bit more about this wonder. Batu Caves are a bunch of caves on a limestone hill. In front of the stairs to the caves, you’ll be met by a massive gold statue of Murugan from Hinduism (Check out more here).


But even if this Hindu temple/cave/hill is stunningly beautiful, the funny part about this attraction is the wild monkeys living there. They are climbing around everywhere eating everything they can find (One monkey had a zip of one of the tourist’s Fanta drink). The monkeys are looking curiously at tourists taking their photos while waiting patiently for somebody who has food or anything else they can grab.


After you’ve enjoy the view, climbed the stairs, chatted with the monkeys and bought funny souvenir magnets, you can buy a cute flower necklace and let the Malay Indian man cut open a fresh coconut for you to drink. What is there not to like?


When going back, the train leaves every half an hour (1 o’clock, 1:30 etc.) and takes you straight back into town. Isn’t that just a great plan for a more relaxed tourist day?

xx lingling

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