The biggest project I’ve ever made!

Oh My GOOOOOD! I did it, guys! I actually did write a whole book and edited it as well. It’s done now. It’s so freaking amazing. The feeling is insane – so good!

Okay, I’ll take you back to where it started. I came to China the first time in 2011. I was young and naïve. What to do? Where to go? How to handle all of these cultural differences? I didn’t know anything but I was positive and adventurous. I just went with it.

During the time in China, I wrote a blog. I updated friends and family occasionally. I shared some pictures and some funny stories from my life in South China.

Years later

After many years back and forth between China, an idea started to develop in my head. I wanted to make a book out of the blog that I’d written. It took me one year more before I took the idea seriously. I then decided to make a YouTube channel. I’d learned that people were actually living off the ad revenue. It was crazy. I wanted to do that too.

I also started the channel because I was going back to Denmark for 6 months to finish my master’s degree. I needed a place where I could share my China passion with people who wanted to listen. YouTube was the perfect place.

I decided to build a YouTube channel with a strong China-loving community so I could write my book and share my story with people who also love China. Two years later, I am finally here. I’ve build the channel, I’ve gotten 5800 online China-passionate friends and I wrote the final word in my book.

Check out the book announcement here:

What now?

Right now, I’m looking for a professional editor who can help the book reach the next level. I’ve found a few and send out sample chapters for them to read and edit. I’m so excited to see who I’m going to work with.

The plan is to publish the book in May, so get ready for it!

I’ve decided to read aloud small passages from the book at the end of some of the videos during the next four months. I hope you’re just as excited as I am.

Let’s do this together!

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  1. I am very excited for you finishing your book Lingling. Keep up the fantastic work as always.

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