The boat has a problem – Stuck on the Mekong River

My trip from Thailand (Chiang Mai) was planned down to details and I was ready for it. Everything went fine until it wasn’t fine anymore.


It started when the boat suddenly stopped working. Nobody really knew what was going on but the captain put away his uniform and jumped into his swimsuit. Everyone was curiously looking when he called other locals and they were razing towards us in their small bamboo boats.


We soon realized that we had lost one propeller and that these locals had arrived with help. It took something like an hour where the boat was just floating in the water. One Laos passenger had brought a guitar and we started singing. While we enjoyed some music, the captain and his men fixed the boat and we were ready to move on.


When sailing again, the sun went down and people started talking about the fact that this old wooden boat didn’t have any light. Suddenly, it was pitch dark and the boat had sailed straight into too much sand. It seemed like we had to stay there overnight.

Boat to Laos

People jumped out of the boat and made a fire. Everyone sat together, listening to music and talking. There were no selfies, no Wi-Fi, no computers, only new friends and cool air. The atmosphere was relaxed and I really enjoyed the whole thing.

At some point, I was getting really tired but we still had 11 hours before the boat would sail again so I found two seats and tried to sleep. My feet were cold, my body too long and aching all the time because of the wooden seats and hard mattress. Anyway, I think I fell asleep because at some point, people started moving again and we were ready to take off into the sunrise.

Watching the Sunrise

Watching the sunrise from the boat with new friends around was the best way to start my Laos adventure.

xx lingling

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