Uni Start in China Soon – Now What?

Summer is about to finish and September has arrived which means that universities are opening up for new students. I see parents and teenagers carrying heavy suitcases across campus here at my university in Beijing all the time.

And maybe you are preparing to go to university as well. If you are packing your stuff to go to China for the first time to study, I suggest you to check out my video about my university experience in China. That video will give you a good idea of what you can expect when you start studying at your Chinese university and it might also calm down your nerves a bit.

Furthermore, going to China is a big decision and I totally understand if you are nervous about taking the step and getting on to that plane towards the dragon country but don’t worry, I got your back. I’ve made a video about the things I have learned during my time here in China. After watching this video, you should be somewhat prepared for the trip (at least I hope so).

If you have other things, you would like to know about living and studying in China, feel free to check out my YouTube channel here as well 😀

I wish you a fantastic time in China and remember if you pass by Beijing on your way shoot me a message and we might be able to meet up for at chat.

Best of luck!

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