When to love China the most

China is a bit of a challenge sometimes but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have positive side as well. If you have a down-day in China, please read this positive list of my personal China favorites and let me know if you agree or can come up with something, I’ve missed.

1. Mango smoothie – Cold, sweet, delicious in the summer heat. Just thinking about it makes me want one

2. Trains and buses to everywhere all the time, and if there aren’t any around, there’s always a farmer or scooter guy who can drive you. You’ll never be really stuck anywhere

3. You’re never alone, because everyone loves talking  to foreigners (sometimes a bit too much) and it seems like the Chinese shops never close too so you can both chat with people and do shopping all night if that’s what you feel like one lonely evening

4. Taobao – the place to do shopping in China. The stores are full of expensive top-brands which aren’t my cup of tea if I could afford it anyway, so hurry up learning Chinese and get started on that lovely thing called Taobao, the biggest platform of everything you could ever wish for, and remember, it’s a good excuse for learning the language as well because nothing is in English

5. You can have food from all over the world in the center of Beijing and most of the other bigger Chinese cities do have one McDonald’s at least if it’s not your china-food-day (I have many of these days so I’m usually trapped when traveling in rural areas. Luckily, you never have problems finding Oreos and Coke if everything else goes wrong)

6. Cultural and historical places all around you. China is a massive country and you’ll never finish your journey around the place. Every time I leave places, I always realize that I have to go back at some point because I missed one area, one attraction, one town etc. There’s just always something to discover

7. Nature. China has a lot of mountains and the government has made a great deal about developing the areas around the mountains for tourists to be able to climb them. I know Beijing is much polluted but you don’t need to travel very far out of the city to reach stunning views of nature, mountains, lakes and small villages in between all of it

8. The Great Wall. Do I have to say anything else? This place is just amazing, no matter if you climb the restored parts or the forgotten ones, both are impressive and there are so many parts of the wall, so just get started on the climbing (I’ll talk more about this wonder another time)

9. If you are a Starbucks-lover or sucker for coffee in general, cities like Beijing and Shanghai are just like many other metropolitans. Coffee and cafes are everywhere which means you don’t have to go down on quality just because you’re in a tea-drinking country though I have to warn you if you travel to the more rural places you need to get used to the green or black tea which aren’t that bad either, even though I’m actually still trying to get used to the taste

10. Idioms and tradition. There are many MANY Chinese sayings and the Chinese love to try to explain to a lost foreigner why they just said …(Insert one of the many Chinese idioms). They also love to explain why 9 is the dragon number, why you can’t give a watch or a green hat as a present, why strawberries aren’t a proper gift for Chinese New Year and so on. There’s an explanation to mostly everything in the Chinese language and the stories are both interesting and fascinating but sometimes also hilariously funny. Maybe I’ll tell you guys about that another day as well

,Summer Palace

Go love it out there!

xx lingling

Please leave a comment below with your favorite things in China or why you love one area more than another 🙂

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