When you meet a fellow entrepreneur on the road

When backpacking through Southeast Asia, I meet a lot of interesting people but I only meet a few who really make a great impact on my life after they’ve left and I am alone again. Today, I want to share one story about my meeting with a girl who changed my online destiny.

Before I met her, I had just created a website and was writing articles about the places, I’d discovered during my travels. I thought everything was fine but I also knew that not many people were looking at my website even if I was trying hard to create traffic through different social media channels.

When I met her, my spirit was down and I wasn’t as excited about my online project as I’d been only weeks before our first meeting. She was the one who changed my way of looking at my project and she encouraged me to do even better and the most important thing, to not give up. I still thank her for her positive attitude.


I was on a boat towards Laos. We got stuck on the Mekong river and I suddenly had 11 hours to kill before we could move on towards our destination. I had met some new friends on board already and she was there too. We started talking for real now. When meeting backpackers, you usually start out with the whole ‘where-are-you-from-what-are-you-doing’-talk. But when the boat got stuck, we suddenly had lots of time to really get to know each other. She started telling me about her own online project and I was curiously listening to her story. I was stunned by what she had done so far and so fast.

When we were chatting, I told her about my project and how I felt it had failed already. I also told her about some new ideas and she let me know how she had successfully created her project. My negative thoughts disappeared and I was now clear-headed and full of new energy to move on with my ideas.

When we arrived in Laos, we also met another guy who was a programmer and with those two people by my side, I suddenly had the needed energy to improve my website and re-think my ideas on how to create more interesting content to reach a bigger audience. I was searching for my specialty. She was critically asking me questions about my ideas and even if it was hard to answer it made me think more.

Now, I’m back in Denmark and still working hard on my website, YouTube channel and both English and Chinese social media. I see improvement and my audience is growing. Not fast, but steadily and I’m thrilled. If I haven’t met this girl, I’m not sure, how all my projects would’ve looked today. She told me so many important things about working online and we are still in touch today discussing how to both improve our projects.

xx lingling

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