Where is it? It’s gone!

It was evening in my hostel and I was looking for my camera. I was looking and looking and I was sure I’d put it in that bag. When it wasn’t there, I’d in frustration thrown all of my stuff on my bed but it just wasn’t there. I had to acknowledge the truth. Somebody had stolen it from my luggage during the last ten-hour bus ride.

I sat down and sent a message to my mom. Luckily, she was responding immediately for once (she’s up really early to go to work). I became more calm listening to her soothing words.

Then I thought about it. The iPhone I’d borrowed from my friend’s friend was also gone but most importantly my backup with all my photos from the last ten months of traveling. Why hadn’t I made a full backup? I was freaking out once again. One day in Thailand, all alone in my hotel room with my heavy thoughts.

As I love photography, it was like losing my child. My heart was empty for a minute. I could feel the missing pictures deep inside.

Then suddenly I remembered how my friend earlier this year had forced me to install this Chinese Dropbox and uploaded loads of my photos even if I’d told him about my harddisk (thanks again!). I also realized that I’d already uploaded loads of photos to both Instagram and Facebook, my blog and my website. Furthermore, I’d printed the best from the last ten months and made scrapbooks already. Now I was a bit more calm. I knew I would have many more travels in front of me.

So I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and said goodbye to good memories. Then I opened them again and told myself to move forward. Luckily, my phone had just been fixed and is now ready to show its worth.

And remember everyone, do always bring your valuable items with you and back up your photos from time to time (I was so silly that half of my silliness could’ve been enough.) Anyway, now I can tell my story and I hope you’ll remember this for next time.

xx lingling

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