You know you’re in China when ..

You know you’re in China when ..

– The old bottle-collector is sitting outside your dormitory with his rice hat and toothless smile greeting everyone passing by.

– You have to climb five villagers and immigrants from other provinces sitting on their bunch of clothes in the aisle of the train, just to get to the toilet.

– Your classmates discuss the quality and price of rice wine instead of beer.

– You forget all about Easter, and you’re looking forward to Qingming festival instead. Who’s not up for some dry hand-made cakes?

– Young rural girls with babies in their arms are selling illegal documents in front of the university gate.

– You pay one kuai (50 cents) for the public bathroom, and when you get in there (no door, only a blanket hanging from the ceiling), and you discover that two ladies are already sitting on a line squatting like it’s al normal .. Am I the only one feeling uncomfortable when I go to the bathroom with two other women, I’ve never seen before? Nope, no doors or anything in between the three wholes in the ground. I just hoped none of them would do the big thing because then it’s going to be really awkward, smelly and literally disgusting.

– The Chinese tv news turn up on every single channel every evening at 19.30 and you can’t watch anything else than the state-controlled information.

– You show up to a concert but can’t get in because the person who sold you the tickets tells you that he’s in the police station getting his license checked (which was probably a lie because he had already sold the tickets in the streets for a higher price).

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xx lingling

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  1. You know you’re in China when random people hand you their baby, so they can take a photo of you holding it.. 🙂

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