Do Chinese volunteer?

Does Chinese volunteer? Isn’t their goal only to earn lots of money for financial security? This is what we are going to discuss in today’s post. 

China has had a booming economy for a few decades now and even if it’s slowing down, it’s still a lot about money if you ask the Chinese. Talking to Chinese people when I first arrived, I had to get used to the fact that they would always ask about my income, even if we had just met. Money is an important survival tool and Chinese discuss that a lot. Maybe they do that in many other places around the world but I’m from a welfare state and money isn’t the most important thing there because the government and state will take care of me if I’m without a job etc. so it came as a surprise for me.

Chinese parents invest a lot of money in their children’s education and the children graduate and usually find a job immediately afterwards for them and their family to be able to live in financial security the rest of their lives.

China is said to be a communist country but nowadays with a capitalist twist because of their market policies. I won’t go more into that subject, I just want to point out that once the Chinese worked together but now it’s more about the individual and family relations.

According to my personal knowledge, experience and a few sources online, Chinese children have become spoiled and self-absorbed. They’ve turned into somebody who doesn’t care about others.

But wait a minute, how to explain volunteer groups going to hospitals to cheer up sick children during weekends, or the university students who hang with senior citizens in the park when they don’t have class or the ones who participate in programs where they act as surrogate parents for left-behind children during summer vacations or teach these children for a whole year without getting anything else than happy smiles from their students and the experience of helping others?

Obviously, you can’t stereotype anyone and especially not when the talk is about China. The country is massive and people from different towns, provinces and financial incomes are all different but I do know that the news of the Chinese newly rich children spending extreme amounts of money on party and diamonds does create negative stereotypes and there aren’t many news describing how volunteering is becoming a bigger thing in China these days.

But they are still there. Many Chinese do volunteer in different organizations and I hope this will only develop in a positive direction so even more will help out the people in need. Let’s together shed some light on the positive sides of the Chinese population and not always discuss the young rich spending money, the bad behavior abroad or the lack of freedom of speech.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂

xx lingling

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