It’s all about the Guava

And also a little bit about the sweet lychee fruit. Let me explain more about my so-called research on beverages in Malaysia. I’ve been here for more than two weeks now and because of the crazy heat, I’ve obviously tried a bit of all drinks or something like that. I’m always trying to stick to the healthy bottle of water and then a diet coke to cheer up my day.

But at some point in the middle of a hot and sweaty tourist tour to the local market, I just need more than these two. This is when my research started. I’d never heard about a Guava fruit (My country is not super fruit-international) but the can was carrying a picture of a pretty pink fruit so why not go for it. I needed sugar!


And wow! This guava fruit drink was delicious. I don’t know if I can ever go back to only drinking diet coke now after tasting this little wonder. Anyway, after a bit, I started to look closer at the fridge when I needed the drink and there are a variety of funny tastes. The sweet little lychee fruit is also made into a drink. If you ever run into it, please have a zip. Gorgeous!


Okay, so my mission with this post was to tell you guys about all these great drinks (super un-healthy full of sugar of course, but just once in a while, who cares, right?). I’ve made up a list of my suggestions for another and very exotic drinking experience when you’re sweating in Southeast Asia;

  1. The guava drink
  2. The lychee drink
  3. The mango drink (this one is my personal favorite)
  4. The strawberry drink (no, we don’t have this one in Denmark either)
  5. The grape drink (personally, I think this drink tastes a bit weird but have a try anyway for the cultural experience, you know)

Stay tuned until I’m back with even more exotic experiences, drinks, food, clothing, who knows! Until then, stay happy and enjoy the pictures of these delicious drinks.

xx lingling

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