Why do Chinese guys ask about my weight?

Chinese guys are always super curious about my size and loves to make statements about it as well. It freaks me out and makes me hate what I have which is why I needed to share this experience. If you\re Chinese, please stop asking those questions!

According to what I hear around town, Danish people are tall. I learned that the first time I came to China. Chinese love discussing body sizes and they’re very open about their opinions no matter if it’ll hurt you or not.

First time in China, I stayed in Guangdong where everyone seemed to be tiny compared to me. I was 19 and insecure.

Six months in Guangdong ruined my self-confidence. I didn’t have much before I arrived in China but what was left was gone after Guangdong.

I’m standard size in Denmark. I’ve never met a Danish guy who would ask about height or weight. But then I started dating in China. Oh my God!

If the Chinese don’t ask about my weight as one of the first things, they’ll tell me straightaway that I’m chubby, my stomach is big, butt is big, front part is big etc. and every time, I’m trying to smile while crying inside.

When I meet Chinese people, they like to tell me to find a Chinese boyfriend. I once wanted to but for every guy I meet who asks about my size, I rethink this idea.

It’s not every Chinese guy who’s done this but it happens too often for me to not feel sad.

I want to ask my Chinese girlfriends, do Chinese guys do the same to you when you are on a date with a new guy? Or even on WeChat when you’ve just added him? How do you cope with it?

When I write this, I’m about to cry. I’m still learning to love myself and the body I’m in. Getting these comments don’t do anything for me. It only forces me to rethink finding a Chinese boyfriend. I know I’ll never be skinny and it’s okay because my personality is great and I’m successful in so many other ways. Even though I know this, these stupid body-related questions still feel like a punch in my big stomach every time.

Have you had the same experience? I need to hear your story then.

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