• Tired of the same old song? Or the same old job?

  • Ready to make a big move out of your comfort zone?

  • You want to improve your CV?

Then China might be your answer.

Why China though?

  • Booming economy + huge country = tons of working opportunities
  • China is on everyone’s lips these days so putting China on your CV will only make you even “more” delicious for a future company when looking for jobs at home
  • You’ll have the chance to explore and learn more about China’s long history and colorful culture
  • Being in another different culture, gives you a chance to look at your own culture from another point of view and learn about yourself as well

Why work with me?

I was once in your spot as well. Stuck in my own country, not sure what to do next and feeling kind of trapped around my own people. I wanted to get to know the world and China was the answer to my questions. Since then, I never looked back again and now it’s time to help you on your journey to China.

  • I have four years of study, work and travel experience in China
  • I speak fluent Mandarin Chinese
  • I have found and applied jobs on my own
  • I have a great network of people in China who are ready to help you
  • I also know the feeling you have right now and I want to help


This service is for you who want to go to China but would like to get some advice on how to find a job in China and how to communicate with the Chinese employer.

This service includes:

  • 1 hour Skype call where we discuss your details, education background and work experience
  • I’ll create a special-tailored list of job opportunities for you
  • Detailed information about how to go through the job application process and full support when applying for the job
  • 1 hour Skype call where we will talk about all the things you need to prepare and some tips and good things to know before you are leaving for China

I can’t promise that I’ll be able to find a job for you but I promise you that I will work as hard as I can on helping you.


  • Contact me on email and let me know which service you’re interested in
  • Pay deposit
  • First Skype call (or send me your details on email)
  • I will create the list of job opportunities
  • Pay the rest of the fee
  • Application procedure starts – prepare application, CV and references
  • Second Skype call


50 Dollars as a deposit + 200 Dollars to be paid after receiving the job list

  • All payment is done via PayPal
  • If you only want the first part of this service, this is also possible if you let me know when you purchase the service

What to know before contacting me:

  1. If you want to make sure that you will get a job in China, teaching English is the easiest job to apply to
  2. You need a finished bachelor’s degree to be able to find a job in China
  3. I can’t help you through the visa procedure because every country’s application process is different from each other

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