You know you’re in China when..

I haven’t done this kind of post in a while so thought it was about time to do another one.

Dandong Great Wall, 2012

You know you’re in China when ..

  1. When your gym coach tells you to drink less cold water while exercising because your body will suffer from it. Then he’ll go and fill up your thermos bottle with boiling hot water. Hot water is the key to all good.
  2. When the makeup artist on set asks you once again if you haven’t thought about getting all of your freckles and birthmarks removed. She’s saying this while trying to cover them up with foundation. I try once again to explain to her that it’s a part of my and I’m not going to remove any of them.

    Xian City Wall, 2013
  3. When VPN is life – get yours here
  4. When the Muslim barbeque guy, the fruit lady on the bridge and the auntie selling meat in the supermarket shyly say hello every time you pass by.
  5. When you say one word in Chinese and the Chinese person is shocked by how amazing your Chinese language skills are. It doesn’t matter what I say, they’ll tell me every time and I never get tired of hearing it.
    Dali, Yunnan, 2013
  6. When your Didi (Uber-copy) driver asks about your love life, childhood and shares his life story as well on a ride back home from the city. Beijing is just too big so wherever I go, I always have to sit in a car or on the metro for at least an hour. Plenty of time to make friends.
  7. When it takes the two coffee shop girls half an hour to make a latté for you. I had a feeling it was the first time anyone had ordered that drink in the little town I work in sometimes.

    Kunming Yunnan, 2013

  8. When your Chinese colleague suddenly grabs your right breast while bursting out “I’ve always wanted to touch them. They look so soft!”. The only thing I could do was just stand there and wonder how many of my Chinese friends have thought the same as her haha XD
  9. When your gym coach takes a day off, signs you over to one of his colleagues and you show up not being able to find the new guy. The coaches look the same while wearing their uniform and I don’t wear glasses in the gym #awkward
    Yuanyang, 2013
  10. When the tuktuk driver, street vendor and everyone else have a QR code for you to scan so you can pay directly with WeChat. This idea should be used all over the world. So freaking fangbian! (

Anything to add? Please let me know in the comments below!

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